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INVT frequency converter type CHF-100A-1R5G-S2 description:
Three control modes: without PG vector (SVC), V/F control, and torque control;
Starting torque: without PG vector control: 0.5Hz/150% (SVC);
18.5kW-90kW inverter built-in DC reactor to improve input power factor and increaseoverall efficiency and stability;
Internal brake unit with every specification 0.75-15kW, so that the braking resister can be connected directlyfor a quick stop;
16-steps simple PLC, multi-speed control, and PID control
Supporting multi-frequency installation methods: digital setup, analog quantity setup, PID setup, and communication setup;
Supports starting and stopping DC brake;
The input and output terminals may be freely programmed, so users may combine a variety of operating modes as needed;
Equipped with jump frequency control which prevents mechanical resonance and makes the system more stable and reliable;
Equipped with instantaneous power failure non-outage capability;.Equipped with sleep-wake delay installation capability;
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