ABB Group Company founded in 1988, through merger of ASEA and BBC Brown Boveri whom both founded for over 100 years. The ABB Group is one of the top 500 company in the world, the headquartered in the Zurich, Switzerland.

ABB is the leader of manufacturing of electric power and automation tech filed, and dedicated to help to improve the profile of our clients from electric power, public service, industry infield as well as reducing the influence for the environment. ABB group has more than 100 branches in difference counties over the world, and owns 145000 stuffs.

The cooperation between ABB and China started on 1907 when 105 years ago. At that time ABB offered one set of steam boiler to China. In 1992, ABB built the first joint venture in Xiamen China, 3 years later, The full holding stock company ABB (China) Co., Ltd formally established in Beijing. Today, ABB has almost full business in China, including research, supply chain management, engineering, manufacture, sales and service and so no, owns 18300 stuffs, 35 factories, and the 80 branches and sales net in China.

In 2011, ABB sales volume amounted to $5.1 billion, of which 85 percent comes from local Manufacture.

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