The contact between Omron and China had been established on 30 years ago.  The company founder MrKazuma Tateisi served as vice president of trade to  promote the Kyoto administration, as the deputy of Japanese economic to  communicated with Chinese deputies from difference fields on early of the  seventies. Through the communication of tech in the 70s, the consigned  processing in 80s and the investing to produce by Omron directly in 90s.  Coming into the Twenty-first Century, Omron achieved the new stage of  investing and production with China.
Special in the bygone 10 years, in 1991 Omron founded the first factory for  producing the medical devices named Omron (Dalian) Limited Company, It  stands for the great start of the investing directly by Omron in China. After that, in 1994 Omron became the first Type of investment Japanese company had been approved by the relevant departments in China as well as built three factories for producing control machine in Shanghai. It means the business of Omron in China had been opened fully as well as achieved the good start of location manufacture and sales. In addition, in 2004 to 2006 Omron add the 30 billion yen investment in China. In the Omron(Shanghai) Limited Company had been the global base of Omron industrial automatic. Now, Chinese Omron made up of the system that has the research, design, manufacture, transportation, and the purchase in a set. In 2010, the sales value is 9.85 billion yen, owns 17020 staffs in China until April 2011.
Omron Factory In GuangZhou China

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