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Series 122C Electromechanical Relays
The 122C Centigrid magnetic-latching relay is an ultraminiature, hermetically sealed, armature relay
capable of being directly driven by most IC logic families. Its low pro le height and .100 (2.54 mm) grid
spaced terminals, which precludes the need for spreader pads, make it ideal for applications where extreme
packaging density and/or close PC board spacing are required.
The basic operating function and internal structure are similar to Teledynes TO-5, 422 relay series. The
122C is capable of meeting Teledyne Relays T2R requirements.
The Series 122C relay has internal silicon diodes for coil suppression, Zener diodes to protect the MOSFET
gate inputs, and N-channel enhancement-mode MOSFET chips, which enable direct relay interfacing with
most microprocessor and IC logic families (CMOS, TTL and MOS).
The 122C magnetic-latching relay is ideally suited for applications where coil operating power must be
minimized. The relays can be operated with a short-duration pulse. After the contacts have transferred, no
external coil power is required.
The magnetic-latching feature of the Series 122C relay provides a memory capability, since the relays will
not reset upon removal of coil power.
All welded construction
Unique uni-frame design providing high
magnetic ef ciency and mechanical rigidity
High force/mass ratio for resistance to
shock and vibration
Precious metal alloy contact material with
gold plating assures excellent high current
and dry circuit switching capabilities
Relay Type
DPDT Magnetic-Latching
CMOS Feature
Internal power MOSFET
driver and diode coil
Vibration Shock
30 gs
to 3000 Hz
100 gs 6 msec,
50 gs
Storage: 65C to +125C
Operating: 55C to +85C
Part No.
Nominal Coil
Contact Load Rating Voltage
Coil Current
(mA) Operating
Power (mW)
Latch and
Reset Voltage
Min. Max. (Vdc) (Max)
5 82.2 114.9 505 3.5 Resistive: 1A/28Vdc
6 41.6 57.0 296 4.5 Inductive: 200mA/28Vdc (320mH)
9 27.4 37.2 288 6.8 Lamp: 100mA/28Vdc
12 20.5 27.8 287 9.0 Low Level: 10 to 50 uA/10 to 50 mV
18 13.7 18.2 286 13.5
26 11.4 15.2 351 18.0

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