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Allen-Bradley frequency converter type 1336F-A050 serises details:
Power ratings:
380…480V: 0.75…250 kW / 1.0…350 Hp / 2.1…456 A
600V: 1.0…300 Hp / 1.7…289 A
690V: 7.5…250 kW / 12…263 A
IP00/IP20 NEMA/UL Type Open, flange mount, IP54 NEMA/UL Type 12
Dual-port EtherNet/IP? Option Module helps you leverage EtherNet/IP networks,
minimize the number of managed switches, and reduce cabling needs when using DeviceLevelRing (DLR) networks
Automatic Device Configuration (ADC) allows Logix controllers to detect a replaced
drive and download all configuration parameters automatically
V/Hz control, vector control with FORCE? technology, sensorless vector control,
and permanent magnet motor control
Predictive diagnostics to extend the life of cooling fans and relay outputs
Slot-based architecture provides three option slots for feedback, safety,
communications, additional I/O, or an auxiliary power supply
Configuration and programming via integral LCD Human Interface Module (HIM),
DriveTools SP software, or Connected Components Workbench software
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