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SICK WTB190T-P162 Overview

Proximity Switch WTB190T-P162 long range BGS, Teach-In, Output PNP, Q, LS/DS programmable Display, Timer function, cable 2 m

SICK WTB190T-P162 Description

  • Precise background suppression
  • Small light spot enabling fast and precise alignment
  • Scanning distance setting via Teach-in procedure
  • Easily readable display with menu navigation enables convenient programming and parameterization

Product features
Sensing range min ... max:100 mm ... 300 mm, 80 mm ... 300 mm
Light source:LED
Type of light:Red light
Light spot diameter:11 mm at distance of 300 mm
Laser:Red light
Sensing range max.:100 mm ... 300 mm, 80 mm ... 300 mm
Adjustment::Teach-in: teach button & cable (ET)
Wave length:680 nm
Technical data
Dimensions (W x H x D):15 mm x 44 mm x 30 mm
Supply voltage min ... max:DC 10 ... 30 V 1)
Ripple: 10 %
Power consumption:≤ 60 mA
Switching output:PNP: open collector: Q
Switching mode:Light-/dark-switching, programmable
Output current max.:100 mA
Response time:2.5 ms
Switching frequency:200 Hz
Connection type:Cable, 2 m
Number of cores:4
Conductor cross section::0.2 mm2
Circuit protection:VS connections reverse-polarity protected / In-/outputs short-circuit protected / Interference suppression / Outputs overcurrent and short-circuit protected
Enclosure rating:IP 67
Ambient operation temperature, min ... max:-25 C ... +55 C
Ambient storage temperature, min ... max:-40 C ... +70 C
Weight:ca. 66 g
Housing material:ABS
Signal voltage PNP HIGH / LOW:Vs - 1.8 V / approx. 0 V
Cable material::PVC
Series:W 190T
Optics material:PMMA
Cable diameter:O 4.2 mm
Time delay:0...10 s, programmable
Time type:Nor: normal Mode, OFd: OFF Delay Mode, Ond: ON Delay Mode
1) Limit values, reverse-polarity protected operation in short-circuit protected network max. 8 A

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