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Sick WTB12-3P2461S02 Overview


Sick WTB12-3P2461S02 Description

  • Precise background suppression
  • Robust sensors for industrial use
  • PinPoint technology for versatile detection of objects.
  • High performance in metal housing, optionally available with Teflon coating
  • Versatile mounting options due to dovetail mounting- mounting holes and oblong holes
  • All-round, easily visible status LEDs
  • Scanning distance setting with potentiometer
  • Your benefits

  • Reliable detection of objects, precise background suppression for universal application possibilities and detection of objects
  • Effective suppression of optical interference factors from the industrial environment
  • PinPoint technology for easily visible light spot enabling simple and fast sensor alignment
  • User-friendly sensors, simple scanning distance setting and installation plus simple sensor diagnosis due to easily visible status LEDs
  • Less downtime and robust metal housing resistant to high-pressure cleaner, cleaning agents and disinfectant
  • Easily installed with SICK accessories

Dimensions (W x H x D)::15.6 mm x 48.5 mm x 42 mm
Sensing range max.: 30 mm ... 700 mm 1)
Sensing range: 50 mm ... 700 mm 2)
Housing desig (light emission):Cuboid
Light source:PinPoint LED 3)
Type of light:visible red light
Sensitivity adjustment:Potentiometer, 5-turn
Scanning range 200 mm pre adjusted
Sensor/detection principle:Photoelectric proximity sensor, Background suppression
Light spot (distance):150 mm
1) Object with 90 % reflectance (referred to standard white DIN 5033) 2) +/- 100 mm 3) Average service life 100,000 h at Ta = +25 C
Enclosure rating:IP 66
IP 67
IP 69K
Supply voltage:10 V DC ... 30 V DC 1)
Residual ripple:≤ 5 Vpp 2)
Power consumption:≤ 40 mA 3)
Switching output:PNP, light/dark-switching, Complementary
Output current Imax.:100 mA
Response time:≤ 700 s 4)
Switching frequency:750 Hz 5)
Connection type:Connector M12, 4-pin
Protection class:II
Circuit protection:A
D 6) 7) 8)
Weight:120 g
Ambient temperature, operation:-40 C ... 60 C
Ambient temperature, storage:-40 C ... 75 C
Signal voltage PNP HIGH / LOW:> Uv - 2,5 V / ca. 0 V
Special device:
1) Limit values, operation in short-circuit protected network max. 8 A 2) 3) Without load 4) Signal transit time with resistive load 5) With light/dark ratio 1:1 6) A = VS connections reverse-polarity protected 7) C = interference suppression 8) D = outputs overcurrent and short-circuit protected

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