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Sick WTB27-3P2411S12 Overview

WTB27-3P2411S12 Photoelectric proximity switch Infrared light, PNP, M12 Stecker, 4 pins for extreme shock load

Sick WTB27-3P2411S12 Description

  • Precise background suppression with no scanning distance drift
  • PinPoint technology: light-intensive red emitter LED with homogenous light spot
  • Reliable operation in industrial environments - with ambient light, optical reflections and when devices are mounted opposite one another
  • Scanning distance setting with potentiometer or easy teach-in
  • Operating temperature: -40 C +60 C
  • UL approval
  • Your benefits

  • Very precise detection with no scanning distance drift in case of vibrations
  • PinPoint technology can replace laser photoelectric proximity sensors in some applications, eliminating the need for laser safety measures, and the service life of the PinPoint LED is double that of conventional laser diodes
  • Less downtime due to ASIC chip technology by SICK
  • Reliable in operation with ambient light, optical reflections, and when devices are mounted opposite one another
  • Reduces setup costs e.g. in case of format adjustment by IO-Link sensor communication interface
  • Highly stable housing due to offset fixing holes
  • For use at temperatures as low as 40 C

Dimensions (W x H x D):: 24.6 mm x 80.6 mm x 54 mm
Sensing range max.: 30 mm ... 1,600 mm
Sensing range: 100 mm ... 1,600 mm
Light source: LED 2)
Type of light: Infrared light
Wave length: 880 nm
Light spot diameter (distance): 25 mm (800 mm)
Adjustment of operating distance: Potentiometer
1) Object with 90 % reflectance (referred to standard white DIN 5033) 2) Average service life 100,000 h at Ta = +25 C
Enclosure rating: IP 69K
Supply voltage: 10 V DC ... 30 V DC 1)
Residual ripple: ≤ 5 Vpp 2)
Power consumption: ≤ 40 mA 3)
Switching output: PNP, light/dark-switching, Complementary
Output current Imax.: ≤ 100 mA
Response time: ≤ 1.5 ms 4)
Switching frequency: 350 Hz with light/dark ratio 1:1
Connection type: Connector M12, 4-pin
Number of cores: 4
Protection class:


Circuit protection: A
C 6) 7) 8)
Weight: 100 g
Housing material: ABS
Optics material: PMMA
Ambient temperature, operation: -40 C ... 60 C
Ambient temperature, storage: -40 C ... 75 C
Signal voltage PNP HIGH / LOW: approx. VS - 2.5 V / 0 V
Special device:
Special features: for extreme shock loads
1) Limit values, operation in short-circuit protected network max. 8 A 2) May not exceed or fall short of VS 3) Without load 4) Signal transit time with resistive load 5) Reference voltage 50 V DC 6) A = VS connections reverse-polarity protected 7) B = inputs and output reverse-polarity protected 8) C = interference suppression

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