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Banner Engineering's AG4 Series Laser Scanners are two-dimensional safety laser scanners that effectively protect personnel and stationary or mobile systems within a user designated area as well as provide access protection for AGS gates on a robot cell.

Very flexible  protective and warning fields can take nearly any shape

Capable of switching œon-the-fly between eight pre-configured field pairs

Adjustable response time (80 ms to 640 ms)

Selectable resolutions 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 70mm, 150mm

Two models available: AG4-4E with a maximum 4 meter range, AG4-6E with a maximum 6.25 m range

Cost effective for difficult safeguarding solutions

Interfacing options include: SC22-3/-3E Safety Controller, UM-FA-9A/-11A Universal Input Safety Module, MMD-TA-11A-12B Dual Controller Muting Module

Compact design, simple installation and easy-to-use software provide efficient integration into work zones

Rugged, die-cast aluminum housing withstands the rigor of factory floors.a

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