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HOLIP frequency converter type HLPA02D223B functions and features:
It has high reliability with the motor control IC+IGBT at the core;
It has a wider tolerance for the changes of supply voltage by± 15%;
It has PID controller which can be used in close loop control systems conveniently;
It has simple PLC which can achieve wobble, multi-speed, quasi winding and unwinding function, etc;
It has high start up torque which can reach 150% while 1Hz;
It has strong overload capacity which can reach 150% for 1 min, and 180% for 0.2 sec;
It has three user-defined bypass speed ranges, the drive will pass quickly when it approaching to the bypass
Speed area to avoid the mechanical resonance problems in system;
It can automatic compensate output torque when output frequency is low;
It can automatic regulate the output voltage to maintain in a defined range when the supply voltage changes;
It has automatic energy-saving function which can automatic calculate the optimal output voltage according to the load to save energy;
It has Holip communication protocol and Modbus protocol, and it is easier for users to build up centralized control system
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