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HOLIP frequency converter type HLPB07D543 functions and features:
Using VVC+ vector control system, speed open-loop control accuracy is up to ±8 rpm(30 - 4000 rpm), and speed
closed-loop control accuracy is up to ±0.15 rpm(0 - 6000 rpm);
It has closed loop speed control, closed loop process control, wobble, cascade, winding and other functions. It provides
copy card, I/O expansion card, encoder card and other option cards which convenient the user to select corresponding
card according to different applications;
It has excellent torque characteristic, start torque is 150% while 0.5Hz, and overload torque is 150% while 60s,180% while 1s;
It has 6 digital input terminals, which can be extended to 10 digital inputs and 4 analog inputs by I/O expansion card.
DI4 can receive pulse signal which can be selected to work in PNP/NPN mode by setting related parameters;
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