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H-Series The H Series is designed for plant engineering, featuring a high-performance CPU that is considered the ultimate of its class. Remarkable processing speeds of up to 0.05 s/command allow the automation of all those tasks which a smaller PLC cannot hand Also, functionality, flexibility and user-friendliness put the H Series in a class of its own. Numerous special modules are available. The hardware can be expanded to 4096 I/Os (virtually limitless expansion via network), making this series the preferred system for automating medium to highly complex processes. High-performance CPU with processing speeds of up to 0.05 s/command Expandable up to 4096 I/Os Various special modules available including Ethernet anker H Series Modular Control System (Central Units) Type H302 / CPU2-03H H702 / CPU2-07H H1002 / CPU2-10H H2002 / CPU2-20H H4010 / CPU3-40H Cycle time per binary instruction 0.9 s 0.9 s 0.4 s 0.4 s 0.05 s Memory Program(1 step = 4 Byte) 32 kByte 64 kByte 192 kByte 192 kByte 384 kByte Type RAM / EPROM RAM / EPROM RAM / EPROM RAM / EPROM integrated FLASH- memory Number of I/Os (central) 576 1280 2688 4096 4096 Mounting Wall mounting

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