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T1 Micro PLCs

Expandable Micro Programmable Controllers 

The T1 micro Programmable Controllers are PLCs with optional expansion I/O. The communications capability, advanced instruction set, and large memory (program and data register) make them ideally suited for applications previously requiring larger more expensive programmable controllers. High-speed performance make these controllers especially suited for sophisticated machine control applications. 

Key Features: 

  • High performance software to include; indirect addressing, 'for/next' loops, pre-derivative real PID and over all 76 insertable function instructions. 

  • Immediate interrupt function for controlling critical outputs. 

  • Large Memory, 8k program, 4k data registers, 256 timers & 256 counters. 

  • Pulse/PWM output for stepper motor control. These transistor outputs can also be used for continuous or high speed swithing. 

  • RS485 port for networking to high level controller, other PLCs or Toshibas ASDs. 

  • ASCII message storage in register memory for use with low cost OIS.

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